WATCHES Only mechanic watches/stopwatches/wristwatches with analogy displays are allowed. This means: watches/stopwatches/wristwatches with digital displays are forbidden. Also forbidden are all the well known countdown stopwatches. Forbidden as well are radio-controlled watches, even if they have analogy displays. DISTANCE MEASURING DEVICES Only pure mechanical devices are allowed. Not allowed are electro-mechanical devices, where sensors gives impulses. Forbidden are electronical devices with LED- or LCD- displays. Under prohibition fall also electronical devices, which can be programmed and which can operate independently without connection to the car. Forbidden are such devices, where the display gets the input from electronical sensors that are installed on wheels, shafts, gearboxes or differentials. Forbidden are also bicycle computers with magnetic sensors. Forbidden are electronic averagespeed devices like Typ SW-01 and Laptops, Palms, Communicators, GPS and navigation-displays based on GPS. Permitted are the following mechanical distance measuring divices: Halda-Tripmaster/Twinmaster/Speed-pilot GTI rallye-twin Hemo Triptaeller Belmog Twin by way of exception allowed: Retrotrip   TECHNICAL INSPECTION At the technical inspection we will check the full length of the speedometer cable for impulse sensors that are not allowed, therefore it has to be checkable on the whole length. Exposed cables and wires whose purpose can not to be proven will be sealed and shut down. Modifications made after the technical inspection that are against this regulations mean DISQUALIFICATION! The rules can be found here as a PDF download: RULES (download)