Scoring system


Era rating:
The points that have been earned during the legs and the special inspection will be added together and result in a decisive rating for every era.

The first three of every era will be awarded a trophy.

ERA I:    1908 – 1935
ERA II:   1936 – 1949
ERA III:  1950 – 1960
ERA IV:  1961 – 1966
ERA V:   1967 – 1972

Overall rating:
Since it is practically impossible – whatever factors are implemented – for models produced before 1950 to become overall winner of such an event, there’ll be a

Overall winner of the era I and II          as well as an
Overall winner of the era III, IV and V,

during the Suedsteiermark Classic 2006. For the evaluation of the overall ranking the acquired points will be multiplied with a fixed factor for each era and the result will be rounded from 0,50.

This factor adds up to:

For era I:    1,000
For era II:   1,050
For era III:  1,100
For era IV:  1,150
For era V:   1,200

Team Rating

The “other type of team rating”:

When we participate in an event with friends – whether in our home country or abroad – we don’t just fight for victory on our own but also for having the least penalty points within the friends circle in the end and for having been the “best“.

This “internal“ competition is unfortunately always unrewarded and is not recognized by the other teams.

In order to reward These “winners“, there is also a prize for the “best“ of a mentioned team at the official award ceremony.

Precondition for the “team rating“:
* for 1 team rating at least 5 teams have to be designated
* all teams (at least 5 teams) participating in this rating have to be announced until Wednesday, 24th of April 2024, at the latest, at the management in the race office or in advance by mail.