Conditions for Participation

Admission Provisions

All historically valuable and significant automobiles, with the year of construction before 31st December 1972 and which are road legal, are entitled to participate (Test drive license plates, transfer license plates or similar are not permitted). The participation takes place upon invitation of the organiser according to the following conditions:



Südsteiermark-Classic is an evenness event, where the satisfying of certain sections on the route, as well as of various special tests is being evaluated according to a points system.


Time and Section Measuring

Only mechanical clocks with analogue indicator, i.e. with digits, hands, drag indicator, as well as strictly mechanical odometers are allowed. The use of radio clocks and electronic gadgets is prohibited.



If a team desires to put a logo on a car, a permit of the organiser is necessary.


Application deadline

14th January 2024. All applications have to be submitted to the organiser by this date. Vehicles up to incl. year of construction 1949 have in case of a timely submission of all application documents and timely payment of the entry fee a preference but are subject to a selection process like vehicles built after 1950.

The application documents include the following:
– completely filled in application form
– proof of paid entry fee
– 1 photo of the car (only if it did not participate last year)

The application confirmations are sent by mail in February.


Entry Fee

The entry fee incl. 20% VAT for 1 car with 2 persons amounts to: € 3.000,-

If it turns out that a third party – a not specifically mentioned person – is driving in a team, the amount of 650,- EUR will be charged, children up to 12 years EUR 180,-.

The entry fee has to be transferred to the bank account of the organizer by 14th January 2024.

Next Generation Award – for drivers and codrivers up to the age of 35 an additional registration form must be filled out.


Our bank account:
Bank Burgenland
IBAN: AT50 5100 0809 1397 3300
Accrued bank costs are to be paid by the participant.



The acceptance test, the start and finish line are in Gamlitz. The accommodation in Gamlitz is to be booked by the participants. Please contact the Tourist Board of Gamlitz, phone number: 0043-(0)5 7730220 or please send an e-mail to:


Acceptance Test

The acceptance test takes place on Wednesday next to the accreditation office in the centre of Gamlitz. Please abide by the mentioned acceptance terms. The original papers of the vehicle are to be submitted when asked – FIA and FIVA vehicle identification are desirable.


Service cars

If you have a service car with you in the participant field, this must be registered and the service vehicle must be marked with Südsteiermark-Classic stickers. Accredited service teams are not entitled to use the parking areas reserved for the participants’ vehicles, as well as to drive restricted sections during the stretch barrier.



The entry fee includes the following services:

– Administrative and technical accreditation
– Driver briefing on Thursday
– Start money for all competitions
– Start numbers
– Start present
– Driver’s bag with road book
– Boarding during the event
– Drinks during the lunches and the dinners
– Honour and material prizes



-Coffee, drinks and cake at accreditation



– Driver’s briefing
– Opening evening with buffet and live music in the marquee in Gamlitz



– Warm intermediate meal in the Latschenhütte on the Teichalm
– Lunch in the Obermayerhofen castle hotel
– Styrian evening with buffet and live music in the marquee in Gamlitz



– Kernoeleierspeis’
– Lunch in the hotel Steirerland
– VIP-area with buffet and drinks in Gamlitz
– Gala evening with welcoming cocktail, buffet and live music in the marquee in Gamlitz
– Wine tasting (of approximately 30 vineyards) at all evening events
 (Subject to alterations)



The organiser waives any liability for damage to persons and / or material damage, which may occur during the event. The participants are responsible for all civil and / or criminal consequences of their participation. The traffic regulations are valid throughout the entire route (StVO 1960 as amended from time to time). If case of unforeseen events such as storms, heavy snowfall, epidemics or other natural disasters and the organized event cannot or can only partially be carried out, there is no refund of the entry fee.


If a team withdraws its application – to whichever reasons – between the 14th January and the 29th February 2024, 50% of the entry fee will be refunded. In case of a cancellation after the 29th of February 2024, the entire entry fee will be retained.

The cancellation is to be announced in writing.

Competent Court of Jurisdiction Graz


The conditions of participation can be found here as PDF-Download: